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Is your Selector®, GSelector®, PowerGold® or MusicMaster® music scheduling database customized for your music strategy?

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Better Radio Programming offer a thorough analysis of your existing programming’s strengths and weaknesses, before making professional recommendations

Tailor-made solutions customized to your format, market and strategies Clocks, parameters, rules, & category setup perfectly in sync in order to create better conditions for good music programming

Our priority is a complete understanding for every operator

We provide regular follow-up analysis to ensure your music programming and music scheduling software continues to achieve your stations strategic goals.

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Robert Johansson and Better Radio Programming is a music programming and music scheduling software expert with success stories from a wide range of formats on 4 continents. Better Radio Programming specializes in helping Radio, TV and other music content providers optimize music scheduling software and create programming strategies.

We work with all major brands of music scheduling software such as RCS Selector®, GSelector®, MusicMaster® and PowerGold®. The home of Selector Linker MasterControl GSelector MusicMaster Scheduling Powergold music scheduling

Analyzing, design, optimizing and training.
Implementation of results from perceptual studies and music research into daily programming. ¨ Focus on the basics, not just the function keys and create customized solutions with an individual approach to perfectly match each format, market and strategy.
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RadioILOVEIT interviews Better Radio Programming

Part 4 in the RadioILOVEIT interview series on Contemporary Hit Radio music scheduling.

Music flow wins over perfect patterns

A perfect music flow is always better than great patterns or flawlessly even exposure.
However, I believe it is really important understanding if there is uneven exposure?
Why it happens?
And what can be done to reduce any problems.

The other day, I reviewed a database, where some songs in the same category, was exposed much more, and less than expected.
They apparently never check more than the exposure of the A and N category.

I hope your database looks better.

Music flow wins over perfect patterns

@RadioILOVEIT interview with Better Radio Programming

RadioILOVEIT How To Make Your Top 40 Radio Station A Massive Hit (Pt. 3)

Worldwide Radio Summit Los Angeles April 13-15

GSelector 4.3.3

Making adjustments in a client GSelector database. They recently updated to the tastes version 4.3.3.
There are some new features, and the one I like best is the better options if using browse scheduling. It is a way easier to manage browse lists.

Top 10 artist analysis

When was the last time you made a weekly report of your 10 the most played artist?
And are these artists really representing the core sound of your station?
Today I’m helping a client fixing some problems by adjusting some rules and also making necessarily category changes.

Search depth usage

How are you using search depth?
Search depth in ‪#‎Selector‬, ‪#‎MusicMaster‬ or ‪#‎Powergold‬ is a setting that is used very different.
This week, I have seen one station telling the software to schedule by kicking one song at the time for every single category.
And they wonder why they have a balance problem.
Another station is doing the exact opposite, 100% search depth with many hard rules,
resulting that some songs never play.

Why investing in expensive software when you don’t like to pay for training or engage someone who knows?

Radio))) ILOVEIT interview part two

Second part of Radio))) ILOVEIT interview with
Robert Johansson, Better Radio Programming AB.
Put Music Flow First, Song Rotation Second’
Interview part two

Radio))) ILOVEIT interview part one

First part of Radio))) ILOVEIT interview with
Robert Johansson, Better Radio Programming AB.
How Sound Coding Defines Your Music Image
Interview part one

MusicMaster 5 SR 13 Released

Are you using MusicMaster? Then you should check out the new release.
The new alert system warning for rule failures when moving songs can be really helpful.
Other new features include "Clone Hours" and private queries and song list unique to each user.

I will use this version when doing my next MusicMaster evaluation.

What’s on your music programming and music scheduling to do list?

Special Artist Separation

Special Artist Separation can be very helpful rule.
Did spend some time this week to optimizing the artist exposure in a clients Selector database. Some artists are more expected to play frequently than others.
So putting special setting of separations for the ones with few or many songs can make a big difference.

Contact us for a confidental discussion about what we can do to improve your Selector, GSelector, MusicMaster or PowerGold database

Music log service

Do you need occasional help, fill-in music director, or a permanent offsite music programmer or are you out of regular people doing the music?

Imagine the savings in employee salary, benefits, and taxes and still you get your program files delivered perfect on time via the internet.
No problem, Better Radio Programming helps you with music logs perfectly delivered.

Better Radio Programming Music Scheduling Service:
Get music logs with perfect rotation & exposure. The music as it should be to suit your station. We have Major market experience in AC, Hot AC, Soft AC, Rock, Oldies, Rhythmic CHR & Mainstram CHR. Other formats available, customer satisfaction guarantee given.

For best results, we recommend a start-up session on-site to go over the goals together with the station and set up the basics in the music software. This to make sure that the music software will work as good as possible for your station. After that we're ready to deliver music logs to your station.

We provide service for clients using Selector®, GSelector®, MusicMaster® and Powergold®. Station license for software not included. For more information on prices and if services are available in your market send e-mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

artist separation strategy

What is your artist separation strategy?
Do you separate all artists the same? Which artist are most expected on your station and what kind of artists is more felt as ”spice”?

A very good tool in Selector, MusicMaster and Powergold is the possibility to set individual separations for each artist.

Commonly a smaller number of core artists should get a shorter separation than the general setting and then individually selected artists can get longer.

Too long artist separation is a very common cause of getting log jams and poor exposure in some categories.

Contact us for a confidental discussion about what we can do to improve your Selector, GSelector, MusicMaster or PowerGold database

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