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Music Scheduling Software expertise
Is your Selector®, GSelector®, PowerGold® or MusicMaster® music scheduling database customized for your music strategy and listener expectations?

And Are You Using It The Best Way for your station, format and market situation?

Some questions Better Radio Programming ask to optimize your music software (Selector®, GSelector®, MusicMaster®, & PowerGold®) and to make your music scheduling better:

· Does your music rotate the way you really want?

· Are the most-played songs, really your best songs?

· Are the best-testing songs exposed correctly and following your expectations?

· Are your clocks, categories, and rule-settings designed and optimized for your station and format?

· Is the set-up of the music scheduling software optimal for your format? There's usually a big difference between a perfect CHR database and an excellent AC database

· Are your music codes and rule-settings optimal for your station and relevant for your strategy/library/format?

· Do your current settings work for or against the library and the strategy?

· Do some songs play the same time day after day? What causes the problem?

· Are there power songs that almost never get played?

· Are there secondary songs that get more plays than the powers?

· How are the station's core artists exposed?

· Does the number of songs in each category create good natural rotations?

· How would any changes in the number of songs you play in each category change your rotations?

· How is the music you play helping the station?

· How many times do you expose the music to your average listener during a week?

· How many times do you need to play a song before it becomes familiar?

· How much time do you spend preparing the music log?

· How can changes in the software set-up make your work more efficient and give you time to do other important things?

· Do you have artist separation problems? Are you using the “good tricks” to solve these problems?

· How is each music category featured in the clocks?

· How much special programming do you do? And in what way is it helping or hurting your overall music strategy.

Proper settings and a customized design of your music scheduling software can make a real difference.